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About me

I trained in 3D design at Manchester and the RCA in London. I also have an MA in Children’s Book Illustration. I am an associate lecturer at ARU and my specialism is colour theory. Colour has always fascinated me, as it does many people, but what has been a revelation is teaching it to others. Colour can be baffling and a bit scary, especially for students and those who need to use it in their work. Through my teaching at ARU I have developed a method of teaching colour that effectively explains a very complex subject in an accessible way.

Colour workshop give by Juliet

About Colour

Colour has behaviour. It constantly changes according to the context it is in. We can make a warm colour appear cooler, a dark colour appear lighter and a dull colour appear brighter. We can manipulate colour and play with it to create moods, and trigger associations. By learning to really see colour, and observing it’s behaviour, we can begin a proper exploration.


If you are an artist, a textile designer, interior designer or florist, mixing paint is the best way to get to grips with the process. A workshop in colour should be the beginning of an on going enquiry into a fascinating subject.

Develop an eye for colour

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