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Juliet Docherty's colour workshops

Teaching colour theory to M.A students at Anglia Ruskin University has confirmed that the key to using colour effectively is to gain a thorough understanding of how colour behaves. I have taken 30 years experience of using and obsessing about colour and distilled it into these practical workshops.

"Your workshop was the absolute best piece of teaching I had in my 7 and a half years of art education. It felt like everything slotted into place and I could paint what I wanted" Craig Harper artist

"Super super useful workshop" Marta Altes illustrator

"I'm now obsessed with colour palettes to the point of delirium" Claire Powell illustrator

Saturday 1st April - fully booked

Saturday 15th April - fully booked

Saturday 13th May - fully booked

Saturday 20th May - 1 space

Saturday 3rd June - 3 spaces

Cost £140 

If Saturday workshops are booked up, please get in touch as I arrange two person workshops on a weekday. 


"Very few people can teach colour. Juliet Docherty's excellent practical colour workshops are a key feature at Cambridge School of Art and are consistently among the most popular courses with our Masters students"

colour workshops

Professor Martin Salisbury
Course Leader, M.A. Children's Book Illustration, Cambridge School of Art

Jo Williamson, author and illustrator of 'How to be a dog', with husband Nick making complementary colour scales on Colour Workshop 1.

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